Reducing the digital gap in Latvia: think social

Latvia’s technological advance and geographical and social specifics created a digital gap. Project “Father’s third son” was launched in order to boost broadband accessibility – especially in rural regions and among sensitive social groups. But technology alone is not enough; the key is to find a way to people.

Kerli Gabriloviča, Commericial Director of Lattelecom Management Board
Kerli Gabriloviča holds the position of Commercial Director and is a member of Lattelecom Management Board (Lattelecom is the biggest and in her opinion, most advanced Latvian ICT company). She has specialised in business administration and economics at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and holds a MSc degree in business administration and economics specialising in Product Management and CRM from Karlstad Universitet (Karlstad, Sweden). Colleagues characterise Kerly as a very target oriented and devoted person.

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