Cooperative innovation to eliminate language barriers

How can we bring down language barriers across the EU, while preserving and nourishing language diversity? Language is a key element of national identity, but language diversity creates barriers for communication and business across Europe. Language technologies can eliminate the barriers to create better understanding. The Language Shore initiative brings together researchers and industry for break-through innovation to promote diversity and unity in a multilingual Europe.

Dr. Andrejs Vasiljevs, CEO of Tilde Company, Lead of the Language Shore initiative, Latvia
Andrejs is a key driver of cooperation and innovation in the language technology field. He is a co-founder of the language technology company Tilde, which leads the advancement of languages in Baltic countries. Andrejs actively promotes language development at UNESCO and other international bodies and forums. He has successfully established cooperation between researchers and SMEs across the Nordics and other European countries.

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  1. How can the private sector become involved. Kindly contact me with further information.

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