Small population, Big Society…?

Dramatically falling GDP and salaries and draconian austerity measures did not lead to mass protests in Latvia. Rather – and contrary to decades of weak social capital – Latvians ‘protested’ through self-organisation and entirely new citizen and entrepreneurial initiatives. Yet the experience of Latvia’s Forum demonstrates the need to invest in citizen skills and competences.

Roberts Kilis, PhD, Chair of Strategic Analysis commission

Roberts is a social anthropologist. Unusually for his profession, working for the President of Latvia. He, while being the leader of the working group that prepared the first Long-term strategy for Latvia, through a variety of public initiatives and forum debates, had been promoting the long term perspective to the society that has an average planning horizon of 9-10 month. As part of an attempt to initiate new social consensus as to how to respond to the crisis, he organised a citizien’s initiative Latvia’s Forum

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  1. Ilze says:

    Why the pdf copy of Mr.R.Kilis presentation is no available?
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    Hello Ilze, sorry about the difficulties, there was a small technical issue which we have now resolved. You should now be able to download the PDF if you try again.

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