Green gourmet economy: Slow Food flies airBaltic

With Latvia’s historically strong farming sector, ‘slow food’ is an inherent part of Latvian understanding of food culture. Our experience with airBaltic is a success story of how seemingly marginal and peripheral ‘thinking’ can be accepted by a huge business corporation. The Slow Food movement has gained popularity through a variety of public activities ,such as organizing farmers’ markets and involving schools in Slow Food catering events.

Mārtiņš Rītiņš, Chef of Vincents restaurant in Riga and Slow Food advocate, Latvia
Mārtiņš Rītiņš is a tireless promoter of organic, traditional produce. He has introduced the ‘Slow Food’ movement to the country, encouraging the public to ditch highly processed convenience foods for locally produced, high quality products made by centuries-old methods in farmsteads throughout Latvia. Born and raised in the UK, he opened his highly acclaimed restaurant in Riga in 1994 and since then has become a household name through his TV show and personal participation in farmers’ markets across the country.

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