Entrepreneurship and challenge of the cultural heritage

Can the lion lie down with a lamb: Entrepreneurship and challenge of the cultural heritage – Wooden Quarter in Riga

At the end of ‘90s the most widespread view in Latvia was that historical wooden buildings have no value, represent encumbrance for owners and developers and should be demolished. The cultural flavour these “wooden” communities bring to cities was not appreciated. With Kalnciema Quarter that has changed: its hidden heritage value has been restored and now it welcomes the public, all fences removed. It has become a new centre for community and culture in Riga, enhancing the local community’s pride in its environment. From renovation methods to social events – all processes are thoroughly managed by two brothers and their development team.

Kārlis Dambergs, MBA: Managing director and co-owner, Kalnciema Quarter, Riga, Latvia
Kārlis and his brother Mārtiņš are well-known for their creative and powerful approach to restoring wooden architecture. Their first project was formerly a set of dilapidated buildings, now – Kalnciema Quarter.

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