Biotech Innovation Based on Arctic Marine Bioactive Compounds

Marine bio-prospecting is deemed to have enormous potential for the development of pharmaceuticals, as well as for other industries. The Arctic is home to unique species and organisms. The MabCent initiative intends to nurture research and innovation and to set standards for future marine-based discovery and development. MabCent is a case study of the innovative interaction between the government, research institutions and the industry.

Professor Trond Ø Jørgensen: Head of the Centre on Marine Bioactives and Drug Discovery (MabCent) at the University of Tromsø, Norway
Professor Jørgensens scientific background and career span over 35 years, primarily within immunology. This also includes work on fish/mammalian pathogens, vaccine development, immunogenetics and tumour immunology. Norwegian universities, researchers and industry are at the forefront of marine bio-prospecting, research and commercialisation of marine genetic material.

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