Summit participants

  • Her Excellency Mari Kiviniemi, Prime Minister of Finland
  • HE Mr Pekka Huhtaniemi, Ambassador of Finland, London
  • Mr Mika Rossi, State Secretary
  • Ms Eeva Kalli, Special Adviser, EU Affairs
  • Ms Päivi Paasikoski, Head of Communications, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Mr Pekka Sinko, Economist, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Keith Silverang: Affiliation CEO Technopolis Plc, Finland
  • Dr Taru Päivike: The Women’s Enterprise Agency
  • Mr Georg Henrik Wrede: Finnish Government Policy programme for the well-being of children, youth and families
  • Oskari Räisänen: GreenRiders
  • Lea Kauppi: Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
  • Mr Hannu Syrjälä, President and CEO, Tieto
  • Ms Mari Pantsar-Kallio, Director, Vice President, PhD, Finnish Clean Tech Cluster

    Presentations by the Finnish delegation:

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